BlancoFX Promotions

Bonuses up to 2 times the winnings.

As a trade site, we endeavor to make our customers smile. Promotions offer you extra volume while buying and selling. Contact a representative now for details

New account

It is a bonus that is transferred to your account when a new forex account is created.

Stop Out

We provide margin support for a certain portion of your deposit.


It is the bonus defined for your friends you bring to our platform.

Account Migration

The bonus you will get if you switch to BlancoFX from another forex platform

Currency Fixing

The privilege we provide to only a few customers at certain intervals


We direct a certain part of your investment for margin support

Why Choose BlancoFX?

Thanks to our experienced team and our 2nd year in the 8 forex worlds in the market, we have created a platform where the buyer and seller can be happy thanks to our reliable and preferred options for our customers.

  • Fast Transactions (2 minutes)
  • High Leverage
  • Low Spread Rates
  • Thousands of Parity
  • Reliable Platform
  • 24/7 transaction opportunity
  • Low commission
  • Experienced Consulting

Refresh Your Information!

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