What is Forex?

Forex refers to all of the international markets where foreign exchange is traded, using the exchange rate between a country's currency and another country's currency. Forex market is one of the largest markets in the world that offers its investors the opportunity to trade with leverage.

Briefly : it is an international foreign exchange market that is traded on the internet platform..

Advantages of Forex

24/7 processing opportunity

You can access the meta trader from anywhere with the internet and make transactions on the weekend.


High Volume and Liquidity

Own a market expanded by thousands of traders on the Forex market.



Allows you to trade on a certain amount of your deposit.


Ability to control Profit and Loss

Stop your trades in the dynamics you target by placing automatic orders.


Automatic orders

When your targeted pair reaches the estimated amount, start automatic trading.


Low Buy-Sell Spreads

Due to low trading rates don't lose small amounts of commissions


Two Way Profit

If you wish, make a profit by opening a sales or buying transaction.


More than 700 items

Find your favorite currency and win thanks to more than 700 products available on the Meta trader.


World Stock Exchange

You can easily access all exchanges in the world from one place.


Some Terms

Leverage (margin rates)

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The most important advantage that makes the Forex market attractive is the leverage factor. Leverage enables the investor to trade a certain amount above the amount invested in the Forex market.


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The value of a country's currency against another country's currency is called parity. Likewise, when we express the value of a currency, we say its value against another currency.


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Stocks are valuable documents issued by joint stock companies and representing the capital share ( APPLE, FACEBOOK, LOREAL)


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It is the name given to all commodities such as gold, silver, petroleum, natural gas, copper, cotton, corn, wheat, sugar, coffee that are subject to trade.